About Us


My name is Marj.. my role at Healthier
Without is to manage our Zero Waste Shop.

The shop opened September 2019. and thought Streatham
could definitely benefit form a zero waste shop due to its rich diversity in the area!

It’s certainly been challenging.. with the covid-19 lockdown. but we’ve had so much local support it’s been a humbling experience.

The values we bring to the community.. are down to the three A’s – Awareness, Affordability and Acceptance.

With the devastation of plastic pollution within our oceans, it’s important to spread the word that shopping without plastic is not only crucial for our wellbeing but also to preserve our planet!

I’ve been working as an supplement advisor on natural remedies in many health establishments for over 20 years.

We have two lovely part- time staff.. Hayley and Axel who are both extremely knowledgeable within the company, and passionate about the environment. My son James who also helps run the business with me, takes care of back of house. Updates our software, has a keen eye for advertising, and deals with all the new suppliers.

What I love about running Healthier Without is getting to know all our lovely customers and young families who have grown up with the company.
There’s this magical moment when the doors open, watching all our customers wanting to refill their empty containers and contribute to our social issues!

Our hidden GEM.. is the CBD Bath salts!! It’s been product of the month, and everyone who’s tried it swears by how amazing it is. All our customers say it alleviates all their aches & pains helping to promote a good night sleep!

Streatham is a vibrant community jewel.. amazing atmosphere with a great mixture of independent small businesses that caters for everyone’s needs!

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